Monthly Website Search Report JUNE 2012

This report is based on the analysis of users search pattern on tution service website.

Total number of website hits for the month 4,248

Top Searched Tutors of the Month

  • 1. Rahul Mishra, Rajeev Anand, S. K. Jha, Sushant Sharma
  • 2. Abhay Chauhan, V.K. Matta
  • 3. Amit Gupta, Gaurav Joshi, K.L. Mahajan, Prateek, Priyanka Basin, Sanoj Negi, Shweta Gupta, Vivek Agarwal

  • Top Searched Areas of the Month

    • 1. Dilaram, Dehradun
    • 2. Hathi Barkala, Dehradun

    Top Searched Segments(Classes) of the Month

    • 1. Class IX - X
    • 2. Class I - V

    Top Searched Subjects of the Month

    • 1. Maths
    • 2. Chemistry