How it works for students & parents ?

  1. Logon on to and search to find tutor in your area/city offering tution for subject of your specific requirement.

  2. Tutors matching the search criteria will be listed on the website.

  3. Click on any tutor to get tutors complete profile

  4. To know tutors contact details click on "contact details" and enter your name, mobile number & email id on the popup form.

  5. A verification code will be sent to your email and mobile.

  6. After successful verification, students will get tutors contact details.

  7. You can rate the tutors and write review for your tutor.

How it works for tutors ?

  1. Get registered as a tutor at

  2. Once registered a verification code is sent to your email id and mobile.

  3. After successful verification, tutor can add their profile details on the website.

  4. As and when student search a subject tutor in your area matching registered tutors will be listed on the website.

  5. Your contact details and full profile will be shown to the students.

  6. Students can give their review & ratings to the tutors, which is also available on tutor profile.